Agri-Bots: The Next Generation of Farming

One of the most underfollowed areas of the global adoption of robotics and automation up to this point is agricultural robotics. The agricultural industry is facing increasing energy costs, increasing costs due to tariffs and decreasing levels of farm workers entering the workforce while at the same time trying to feed a globally increasing population. In order to sustain production levels of agricultural goods many farmers have been forced to adopt robotics and automation. A significant tipping point for this adoption of robotics and automation in agriculture began in 2015. By 2024 shipments of agricultural robots are expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 40.2% and revenues are expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 43% during the same period.

Agricultural Robot Revenue and Shipments, World Markets: 2015-2024

From an investment standpoint there are very few publicly traded companies that purely focus on (derive majority revenues from) agricultural robotics and automation; the majority of those pure play companies are still private. Although not all being a “pure play” investment in agricultural robotics and automation, the following companies of focus are at the forefront of the technology and very soon will or currently derive a notable percent of revenues:

Company Description Market Capitalization Robotics/Automation Products
Scott Technology Ltd


Scott Technology is a New Zealand based company located in Dunedinand was founded in 1913. $145 million (USD) Advanced robotics based automation systems particularly for meat processing (Centralised Robotic Palletising, Robotic Beef Scriber/Cutter, Robotic Container Loading system, X-Ray Primal System, Robotic Forequarter Sani Vac, Robotic End-of-Line (EOL) palletising system, etc.).
Trimble Inc.


Trimble is a U.S. company located in Sunnyvale, California and was founded in 1978. $9.5 billion (USD) Connected Farm (total farm management solution), fleet management, guidance and steering systems, correction services, flow and application control, yield monitoring, water management, solutions related to field activities, desktop and cloud-based data management, agronomic services, and livestock management.
Raven Industries Inc (RAVN: NASDAQ GS) Raven Industries is a U.S. company located in South Dakota and was founded in 1956. $1.6 billion (USD) Retrofittable kits for guidance/self-steering, controls, and nozzles for digitally applying fertilizer and chemicals, integrating AgEagle UAS with Raven software to highlight areas needing special attention, and various other ancillary products.
GEA Group AG

(G1A: Xetra)

GEA Group is a German Company located in Düsseldorf and was founded in 1881. $5.4 billion (USD) Mione automatic milking system, SRone manure scraper.
Iseki & Co Ltd

(6310: Tokyo)

Iseki & Co is a Japanese company located in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo and was founded in 1926. $399 million (USD) GRF800-U, greenhouse scouting robot, conventional farm equipment.

(AGCO: New York)

AGCO is a U.S. company located in Duluth, Georgia and was founded in 1990. $4.3 billion (USD) Fendt, Varioterminal, Fendt GuideConnect


CNH INDUSTRIAL is a U.K. company located in London, England and was founded in 1999. $14.3 billion (USD) Autonomous Tractors
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