Robotics in Healthcare with Brian Gahsman

There continues to be an increase in the adoption of surgical robotics and components across the world.  This demand, the low cost of capital, and the improving technology is causing a lot of merger and acquisition activity.  In many instances, the valuations and activity is creating opportunities for investors.

The flow of capital and sky-high valuations can make the numbers wonky and in some instances dubious.  Hence the importance of having an expert and someone who lives inside of the robotics and automation space helping to navigate these enterprises.  Enter Brian Gahsman.

In this exclusive interview, Brian and his analyst Jin Kwon are joined by 7investing CEO Simon Erickson and lead advisor Steve Symington.  The groups talks about how COVID has influenced the robotics this past year and how 5G could further influence the robotics trend.  They also discuss several smaller robotics companies such as Stereotaxis and Accuray, and what makes them so appealing as acquisition targets for larger players.  Finally, they discuss the competitive position of Intuitive Surgical and what factors are driving the adoption of medical robotics.

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