Brian Gahsman Interviewed on the Money Life Show

Portfolio Manager Brian Gahsman was recently interviewed on the Money Life Show – “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe”.

Veteran financial journalist Chuck Jaffe interviews the big thinkers, the power brokers, and the market movers on this podcast to keep listeners up to date on the market and the economy, with an eye toward where, how and why to invest.

Brian Gahsman of the AlphaCentric Robotics and Automation Fund talks stocks in the Market Call, and the robotics and automation market from both a macro- and micro- perspective.

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3 areas coming out of COVID as potentially strong investments:

  1. Surgical Robotics (elective surgeries coming back in large volume, Intuitive Surgical)
  2. 5G – untethered robots (huge impact on agricultural robotics, Raven)
  3. Autonomous vehicles & LiDAR (Luminar Technologies, Ouster)

Rapid fire stock ideas from Brian:

  • Ametek (AME)
  • Micron (MU)
  • AeroVironment (AVAV)
  • Trimball Navigations (TRMB)
  • Teladyne (TDY)

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